A couple of years back, we reported on a TSA official giving Solange Knowles’s wig—on her head at the time—a thorough search at the airport. “Discrim-FRO-nation. My hair is not a storage drawer,” she tweeted. The shocked singer tried to laugh off this undignified scenario, asking her Twitter followers to join her in a game called “What did TSA find in Solange’s ‘fro?” and retweeting the funniest answers. But the bottom line was that not every person going through airport security was having their hair searched; Afros and dreadlocks were getting pat-downs, and African American women were targeted most often for this extra security screening. After Novella Coleman, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union, had her dreads searched in 2012, she filed a complaint; in 2013, so did an ACLU client of hers, neuroscientist Malaika Singleton. At long last, the TSA has agreed to stop racially discriminatory hair searches.