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When it comes to brows you could say we’re slightly obsessed. We’ve tried almost every brow powder, pencil, wax and stencil solution out there — we’ve even given tattooing a go! But when it comes to brow authorities Benefit Cosmetics global brow
I suffer from some very fair and fine haired excuses for eyebrows, but Jared’s known for his perfect arches and for spreading great brows wherever he goes. So when he was in Sydney recently (he’s usually based in LA) we caught up with him and got his top tips for building great brows from almost nothing. Watch the video above for the details on getting wow brows. He explains that there are three main steps to getting it right: Shaping “There are three key proportions in your brow: the start, the arch and the end. Finding those proportions is really going to start to contour and transform your face a bit.” Tinting and Waxing  “Brow shaping, no matter how fair they are or how sparse they are, is the number one thing any woman can do to open up that eye space. Getting the brows to fill all the way to the ends is all about tinting, and tinting is really like waking up with makeup.” Product “Finding the perfect brow is kind of like finding the perfect bra, you look for three things; you look for structure, you look for volume and you look for a little lift!” For structure Jared used a mix of powder and wax and applied it with a thin angled brush in tiny hair-like strokes. For volume he used a fibre-filled brow mascara, Benefit Cosmetics’ Gimme Brow ($37), and applied this on top to build on and plump up the brow hairs. Finally Jared used Benefit Cosmetics High Brow ($39), a highlighter to add lift under the shape. Source: The Never-Fail Way to Get Your Best Brows Ever

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