Your WOW Brows account has been upgraded to a 2.0 version!  We’ve added a whole bunch of new and exciting ways to manage your WOW Brows Account.

For the past couple of months, in an effort to better serve our WOW Brows’ members, we’ve been building a better or shall we say a more “WOW” member’s experience.

NO MORE having to remember coupon codes when you purchase products, gift certificates, or any other on-line promotional purchase. Now our on-line offers and gift certificates are easily managed right within your account page. No more hunting through mounds of emails for our members offers, location specific and store wide offers are easily found in your MY WOW Account.

Applying a coupon or gift certificate is nothing but a mouse click! But WAIT!! there’s more. Store Credits and Vouchers can easily be found and managed through your WOW Brows Account.

We’ve built in so many new account features it would take a week to tell you all about them here!

One last item! This is new to us as well and there is no way we can find, fix, and improve all unfriendly member experience issues. So we need your help! We have a very simple form inside your account and available pretty much everywhere there were enhancements made. Please let us know what and where the unfriendly experience happened by sending us feedback.

We’ve included a quick step by step guide to help you get started. Once again thank you for being a great WOW Friend and have an “in-thread-ible experience”!



Login or register by clicking on the top menu section where it says “LOGIN – REGISTER”


If you have already signed up through our site you can sign in here. In most cases you are a member and you are already signed up through our in-store check in process. If this is the case you do have an account. We sent out an invitation so we could verify your email and sign in information. If you did not receive this notification or you ignored it because you get so many, you will need to be verified. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have not signed up or registered as a WOW Member, please register. WOW Member benefits and incentives are AWESOME!.

Just an FYI here – COMING SOON – Social Login and WOW Pals!


Navigate to your account page. At the top of every page you will see 2 items, My Account and My Profile. Click on the My Account link. The difference between the two, your account is private information related to your purchasing history and your profile is public information.

Step 4

Get familiar with your account and the different areas. Navigate the different sections of your account and if you have any questions just fill out the contact form we’ve provided on the Account Guide page.