Sabrina Behl is an American model of South Asian descent living and working in New York City. The following is an account of her experiences in her own words.

Denial can be a pretty wild thing, and I was in complete denial of what was happening to me and my modeling career for so long. It wasn’t until I picked up Mindy Kaling’s book Why Not Me? that I finally felt a sense of clarity about what was really going on. First, a little about me. I was born in Cleveland. I grew up playing tennis and reached the top 40 in the nation. Though tennis was something I excelled at, I’d always dreamed of pursuing modeling. While attending the University of Cincinnati on a tennis scholarship, I decided to secretly apply to Parsons in New York City. I didn’t even tell my parents until after I found out I’d been accepted, and even though it was a struggle, I finally convinced them to let me quit tennis and focus on a career in the fashion industry. While I was in school finishing my degree, I also started to pursue modeling. And that was the first time in my life that I was made so aware of my ethnicity by almost everyone I met.