With festival season only days away, we’re about to see a whole lot of flower crowns all over Instagram. But here’s another way to incorporate blooms into your beauty routine that has nothing to do with crocheted tops or backstage passes. At Rosie Assoulin’s fall 2015 show, hairstylists parted the models’ hair either in the middle or slightly off to one side and tucked the hair on the left side behind the ear. The exposed lobe was topped with an oversize flower earring. So large, in fact, that it could almost be mistaken for a flower clipped into the hair. The effect was at once feminine and cool, evoking a sort of vintage glamour—women like Billie Holiday (who would have been 100 today!), Hedy Lamarr, and Josephine Baker—but in a thoroughly modern way. And although it was technically for Assoulin’s fall show, it is a look that screams “spring.”