Many women may not consider the “spa” aspect of it, but getting your lashes done can be very relaxing. The “procedure” itself is long (up to three hours for a full set) relative to many beauty treatments, but you will be laying down; and if the salon is smart, they will play soothing music and make sure you are comfortable. You may find that you fall asleep! So even if the procedure takes a long time, that time can pass quickly.

Did you know that it is common for your regular lashes to be longer on one side than the other? You thought you had twins but it may be like having a brother or sister – similar genetics but different results! A good extensionist (now there’s a word for you) will use a variety of lengths to create a natural, balanced and beautiful look.

Did you know that you can do the bottom lashes too?! If it is a more theatrical look you desire and you don’t mind paying extra, you might consider this.

And extensions are not only for younger women. Eyelash extensions for older women, done right, still look very natural. Age is no barrier to feeling and looking more beautiful!

Natural lashes are constantly growing and falling out. Anywhere from 1-5 lashes fall out each day. Not to worry, as you probably have 100-150 at any given time. Probably 40%* are in the growth phase while the remainder are in a resting phase. While it is not ideal to add extensions to hair in the growth phase, nor is it ideal to add extensions to the latter part of the resting phase (when the hair sheds), there is no way for the extensionist to know one way or the other. Just plan to get refills after 2-3 weeks or wait for 4-6 weeks for another full set. Meanwhile, bat those eyelashes and have some fun!