• You must either register or login to your account HERE, otherwise you won’t ever find the eggs
  • When you login or register, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the text that says “Click here to go to the first Easter Egg Hunt” to start your Egg Gathering. If you return to hunt again you’ll be given a new link in the notification e-mail
  • You must find 5 eggs
  • When you find all 5 eggs you’ll be directed to a coupon
  • You must download the coupon or you’ll lose it. (Sorry but there’s no way we can reproduce the coupon)
  • We will send you an email every three hours notifying you of a new Egg Hunt and a page link to get you started
  • You can only play once per Egg Hunt
  • If for some reason you get a duplicate coupon we will replace it with another offer
  • The Hunt Starts on Saturday March 31st at 12pm till 9pm (a total of 3 Egg Hunts) and continues on Sunday April 1st from 12pm till 6pm (a total of 2 Egg Hunts)
  • You are responsible to pay for shipping if your Prize is an online store purchase