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WOW Brows was born from a simple idea and a humble start. When Bill and Lucy made better than expected profit the very first day from a kiosk in a mall in Charlotte North Carolina, they were hooked. Undecided about a name, that became quickly apparent when they kept hearing customers say “WOW!” after looking in a mirror. Since then, WOW Brows has transitioned from mall kiosks to store locations in North Carolina and Virginia. To set themselves apart from the competition, Lucy developed and now trains employees in a more sanitary around-the-neck method of threading and also stresses a more clean and upscale environment for customers.

While threading is still WOW Brows “bread and butter”, it became apparent over time that customers wanted more. With frequent questions like “Do you do lash extensions?” or “Can you change my eyebrow color?”, or “What else do you do?”, it made sense for WOW Brows to expand their scope of services. So now in addition to threading, many locations have begun to offer waxing, lash and brow tinting, lash extensions and/or skin care.

WOW Brows goal is to make you feel more beautiful! We take great care to provide you with a clean, comfortable and professional environment. Whether you visit us for threading or any of our other services, we want you to leave with results that make your friends say … WOW!

Threading is the most precise way to remove hair.

It allows the specialist to design and give a more beautiful shape to the eyebrows than other methods. First practiced in Asian and Middle East cultures, threading is becoming increasingly popular in here in the U.S. The specialist uses a special cotton thread that is twisted and pulled along the surface of the skin to remove unwanted hair. Unlike other treatments, threading does not remove the top layer of skin and it will not burn, cause rashes, or otherwise damage the skin. Recommended by dermatologists, threading is the perfect alternative to waxing, depilatory creams, or laser, especially for those with sensitive skin. The results last two to four weeks depending on the individual rate of hair growth. With regular treatments, hair growth becomes finer and treatments become less frequent.